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0000889HellionBug2019-04-22 20:25
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Product Version0.3.0 
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Summary0000889: 0.2.6a - 0.3.0 system messages of damaged system still starts to pop up after i start to repair

original bugreport:

Steps To Reproduce

just go first time in a module after u warped too and start to repair damage

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2018-12-19 15:48


20181202184242_1.jpg (104,894 bytes)
20181202184242_1.jpg (104,894 bytes)


2019-04-22 20:22

reporter   ~0002063

same bug in v0.4.1

how long u want to have this bug ingame? the bug is reported since november the 24th 2017 in mentioned testing squad thread.. that is ~2,5 years now ^^

quote shomy from 2017-11-27: "I just had it broken on the fresh start and I was able to see it. I will test more to try to figure it how it happened."

so how many years u need more to test if two and a half year is not enough? oO



2019-04-22 20:25

reporter   ~0002064

sry, it is 1,5years and not 2,5 years now, misstyped..

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