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0000892HellionBug2019-07-29 08:58
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Summary0000892: Steropes Airlock Outer Door Non-functional

I currently have a character named Crimson on US West #1. Said character is in cryo after getting locked in a oxygen-less steropes attached to the rest of my 'haven' base. Feel free to check it out and see if you can learn anything from the current state of the steropes airlock. The steropes airlock control is showing that the outer airlock door is open when it's not, the inner door responds while the outer remains sealed.

I haven't come across this bug previously, but it has also coincided temporally with the new questline resetting every time that I log in and being impossible to complete as a result. (required items already used)

Doors in general have become more unstable and more likely to become posessed and lock me in but that's unreliable to reproduce, this just seems permanent.

Edit: While writing this I logged back in and double checked that the door does remain in the state mentioned above. (it has persisted past a few server resets) I quickly logged back off in cryo. I then saw the place to add a screenshot and went back. Upon logging back in I was unable to get out of cryo for a few minutes before I just gave up.

Steps To Reproduce

Unclear. Steropes in question is docked with Haven which is in turn attached to a FM and a airlock module

Tagsairlock, DemonicPosessionOfDoors, Doors, Poltergeist, Steropes




2018-12-22 21:01

reporter   ~0001755

Let me know if there's any more information I can get you. I want this game to work for me :/



2019-07-29 08:58

reporter   ~0002136

See 0001148 for a breakdown of this bug from the server save

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