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0000896HellionBug2019-07-29 08:57
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Summary0000896: Miscomunication between various scripts. They are not updating each other properly.

I have been talking through various occurrences of this issue with other players on Discord. The instances seem to be reliably checking data from the main environment, but the main environment is not properly checking the data from the various instances.

Symptoms of this bug include a full interface lock up, automatic doors not responsive to player presence, and vessels disappearing from claimed vessel list when leaving an instance then reappearing when returning to the instance. When the bug occurs, they persist through relog and even full game uninstall/re-install.

The worst occurrence I have experienced personally was near identical to report 0000892. In my example of the bugged Steropes door, it occurred immediately after undocking one CBM from another. after the undock, I returned to the ship and found that I could not interact with anything. The outer door is the first thing I tried to interact with but it did not seem to respond I relooged. I then found I was unable to cycle the door. I was still able to interact with items inside the ship, but not the ships various systems or piloting interface. I eventually ran low on O2 and commited suicide. by removing my helmet. The bug persisted after respawning and returning the the location of the bugged Steropes.
I had to hunt down the ship and the modules it was connected to as it had disappeared from claimed vessels. It returned to claimed vessels list once in the same instance (I was around 3km from it when it returned to the list). The outer door still could not be cycled. Furthermore, interacting with anything present in the bugged instance including items in space around the ship and modules was impossible. Another thing to note, which helps me to to my conclusion of the cause is that the Door was visibly closed and impassable while the airlock panel stated that it was open. It was also not airtight from inside the ship. Opening the inner door caused full depressurization even though the outer door was visibly closed.

I have also experienced it in the exact same form as BARATA_PT notes in bug_discussions on Discord on 12/22/18 at 7:10 PM EST. In that case, it happens consistently when logging out inside the Burned Ruins station.

Other bug reports by ID# that I suspect have the same root cause include: 0000895, 0000892, 0000870

Steps To Reproduce

I have not been able to readily reproduce this bug in all of it's various forms. However, the one example where it seems to be reliably repeatable is when logging out in civilian ruins of Burner.

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2018-12-23 22:16

reporter   ~0001760

Can confirm that this bug happens repeatably when logging Out in Civilian ruins. It will occur regardless of whether there are any active quests.
Must re-emphasize that it will happen elsewhere with the same symptoms even when not engaged in quests or anywhere near quest stations.



2018-12-24 02:24

reporter   ~0001762

Have been able to consistently reproduce this bug every single time by logging out inside the LSM of Civilian Ruins. Also, docking a ship to the station where the bug occurred causes the bug to spread to the ship. Going to begin experimenting with other static stations.



2019-07-29 08:57

reporter   ~0002135

See 0001148 for a breakdown of this bug from the server save

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