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0000947HellionBug2019-04-08 11:31
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Summary0000947: Outpost disappears after a couple warps away from Haven

I have experienced this numerous times, and have been able to reproduce it nearly every time I try. What happens is you arrive back at your base, specifically, a base that is centered around the Outpost you get in the beginning, and just the Outpost module is missing. Everything else is there, leading to a disconnected station. I was also unable to see any docking points on the now fragmented station.

This is merely a graphical issue, as a relog fixes it every time. I have noticed it happens more reliably when you warp while in a debris field, but can happen outside of it as well. A good indicator that there is an issue as soon as you warp back to your outpost would be your radar. If you see Haven along with a couple (I always see 2) Ship_ entries, then you will see the issue when you get closer, or you are basically one jump away from seeing the issue. You don't always see the Ship entries on the radar, but I usually do. Additionally, this happens regardless of how many modules you have attached. I have had this happen with only an airlock and fabrication module attached, and I've had it happen with 1 FM, 1 CM, 1 AL, 2 CBMs, 1 PSM, 2 ICs, and a Stereops all attached when I arrive back.

I have also got this on video while streaming my latest run through on a dedicated server that I am hosting on a system about 10 feet away from me, so I have ruled out latency issues. This also appears to be the same issue as the disappearing derelict stations, both of which I have on camera. I will re-verify all steps to reproduce on my next stream.

Here are the video links of the first time I experienced them in my current run through the game:
Video of missing station at point of warp-in:
Missing Outpost with CM, FM, and AL attached:

This series started with me wiping the server completely and re-installing from scratch. It is also password protected, and when I experienced this, I was the only person on the server. I've also had this on my last instance of the server, where no-one else had ever connected to the server, just me, and as such there was only a single outpost module in existence.

Steps To Reproduce

I always get modules in the same order in the beginning.


  1. Go through tutorial, following steps exactly.
  2. Upon arriving at Haven at end of Theona's guidance, do the quest to attach the airlock to the station first and attach to the connector near the cryopods/gravity generator.
  3. Next, complete the outpost quest as directed by the quest guidance.
  4. Warp to the Production Module Be-1 (I always find a FM at this specific site when I first start, but any FM will work) located around Bethyr.
  5. Disconnect the Fabrication Module and bring it back to Haven.
  6. Attach the FM to your Outpost on the available connection point.
  7. Warp to another derelict and spend about 5-10 minutes looting (Not sure if time matters, will verify tomorrow, but I have always seen this issue during the course of normal gameplay, in which case, I spend some time looting at the derelicts)
  8. Repeat step #7 at least once, possibly more
  9. Warp back to Haven
  10. At this point, you should see the outpost gone

I will record a replication of this bug tomorrow and post for your review.

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2019-03-02 11:53

reporter   ~0001844

Had some personal issues that prevented me from producing the replication video. With how close the next patch is, I'll wait until that is released and verify if it still exists.



2019-03-18 15:29

administrator   ~0001924

This was addressed with 0.4.0 release.



2019-03-21 13:54

reporter   ~0001956

I still have a disappearing station , started sp game on 4.0 , rechecked in 4.1 , still disappears.
I attached a savegame with my ship still attached to the station, if you jump from it it's gone.
In the jump menu,you'll see I have a home station, a few minutes after the jump the button is red



2019-03-21 13:56

reporter   ~0001957

save file was too big, didn't attach, here is the zipped version (952,569 bytes)


2019-03-21 17:10

administrator   ~0001961

Still occurring on 0.4.1 public



2019-03-29 10:50

reporter   ~0001997

i had the bug now one time on EU west 4 MP server.. i warp back to homebase which result in client crash in the moment i arrived.. after i log back in the homestation button is red and the station infront of the ship window is just not loaded.. also ALL my authorized vessels was missing(only ship where i'am in was visible)

after relog the base is loading normaly..

so seems this bug is just a loading issue and a relog fix it.. as long u can relog which is not possible in SP as far as i know.

also if u want to know this bug still happen or not, than just look into bug report section of steam forums.. there is a massiv bug-thread about that topic/bug:

Our Grid

Our Grid

2019-03-31 18:00

reporter   ~0002005

This seems to happen to me if I dock the Haven to modules, not fly the modules to Haven, almost like the base gets flagged for despawn and the base changes to the module name.



2019-04-08 05:25

reporter   ~0002018

I can confirm this has happened to me as well in SP (0.4.1). I docked a CM to Haven, warped out, and then the My Station button appears but it's red, and the station is nowhere to be found.

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